To form a business in Austria requires the services of a company that can help you get through the paperwork so that you can reap the benefits that this country has to offer. From the initial start up through paying the appropriate taxes, having the services of a business skilled in setting up companies in Austria is a huge benefit.

Of course, as with any country forming a business is no easy matter. There are laws, rules and regulations that must be followed in order to ensure that the business itself is legitimate in the eyes of the law.

The Steps to Form a Business in Austria

What follows is step by step what is needed to form a company in Austria so our firm can get to work for you. The process is fairly straightforward, but having the assistance of an experienced business that forms shelf companies is a must.

Capital Payment: For limited companies, a singular payment of €35,000 is needed, although only €17,500 must be in advance. A company can be founded by a single person with no requirements for shareholders or the director to be from Austria. Once the initial payment is made, the rest can be delivered on a pre-set schedule.

Information & Documents: You will need to provide some information and documents in order to for the company such as the following;

– Passport of the Shareholders

– Passport of the Director

– Contact Info & Details about Company Business in the Future

Our company will work with you on getting the appropriate documents. Furthermore, only one passport is truly needed if there are no shareholders that are part of the company at this time. Plus, the initial capital investment needs to be deposited.

Document Details

– Articles of Association

– Notarized Declaration of Establishing Business in Austria

– Confirmation of Deposit

– Signatures of Directors and Confirmation by Tax Authorities that Transaction have been accomplished.

We provide the guidance you need to ensure that your business gets off to a smooth start. That's why we work extra hard to make sure that all documents are in order. Once everything is in place, we can help get you the following;

– Certificate of Incorporation

– Copy of Articles of Association as Approved by Austrian government

– Original Government Receipt & Share Certificates

Once everything is in place, the next steps are fairly simple and straightforward. We will help you with the following to ensure that everything goes right.

– Create a Company Name

– Assignment of Directors & Shareholders

– Establishment of Legal Address

– Share Capital Requirements
Once everything is in place, the next steps are fairly simple and straightforward. We will help you with the following to ensure that everything goes right.

Why Form a Business in Austria?

There are certain advantages to forming a business in Austria, however just like in virtually any other country it will take some legal expertise in order to get it done. A properly structured company in Austria will provide a myriad of low-tax dividends as well as other benefits.

However, it will take finding the right type of legal team in order to create and properly organize your business efforts in Austria.

There are a number of advantages in choosing Austria as a place for business. It certainly pays to know where the pros and cons of operating a company in one of Europe's most business-friendly countries and how it can work for you.

Singular Shareholder: Only one shareholder, who can also be the director, is required to form a company in Austria. Plus, they do not have to be an Austrian resident in order to form a business.

No Withholding Tax: A business in Austria is tax exempt from any dividends received from foreign subsidiaries. In essence, a company operating in this country will not have any withholding tax on its dividend that is paid to another company outside of Austria.

Fewer Taxes with Foreign Investment: Austrian companies may take advantage of the unique double taxation treaties it has signed with many other foreign nations, making Austria very advantageous to do business.

Greater Trust: Austria is very business-oriented and has less corruption than many other nations. This is because of its transparency in laws and friendly approach to investors.

EU Directives: An Austrian holding company that holds at least 25% of its shares of an EU subsidiary and receives dividends from that source which are free from any withholding tax.

However, while Austria is very business friendly, you will need to be aware of a few disadvantages as well. Although the disadvantages are relatively small, it will help you make a better informed decision about coming to Austria.
25% of All Income: The Austrian tax is 25% on all income generated by the business. While certainly not the highest in terms of other EU countries, it can be irksome. Plus, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce must receive financial statements from the company as well.

Time Consuming: While Austria is friendly towards businesses, it is still a time consuming process so you will need to allocate properly in order to get everything in order. That is where we can help you in getting this process completed as swiftly as possible.

It is true that the total tax rate in Austria places it rather high, but such obstacles are offset by the number of treaties with other nations that provide a more friendly setting for profits. In this manner, a company can actually make a considerable amount of money while operating in Austria.

If you are interested in forming a business in Austria, we can provide the services you need to ensure that everything gets accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible. For the past several years, we have offered a number of services which has helped many businesses get formed in Austria. By taking you through the process step-by-step, we can get your company going in a prompt, professional manner.

Overall, Austria does provide a very friendly atmosphere for businesses to call home. If you are interested in starting a company in Austria, please contact our friendly, courteous staff and let us help you get started.