Package №1 – Company formation in Austria Company formation in Austria for startups
  • Reserving your Company Name;
  • Business address in Austria for 1 year;
  • Bank account for share capital deposit (from 5'000,— €);
  • Bank account for company purposes;
  • Accountancy starting with our Tax consultant;
  • Obtain the confirmation from the Economic Chamber that the start-up company is really a new enterprise;
  • Registration at the local court (Handelsgericht) and Publish an announcement of formation in the Wiener Zeitung;
  • A capital transfer tax (Gesellschaftssteuer) equivalent to 1% of the share capital (Stammkapital) must be paid for setting-up the GmbH;
  • The commercial court charges a fee when entering the new GmbH in the business register;
  • Production of the notarial deed (Notariatsakt) and publication of the GmbH-registration;
  • Register trade (Gewerbeanmeldung) with the trade authority (Bezirksverwaltunsbehoerde);
  • Liaise with the local registrar and relevant authorities;
  • Structuring the company as per your requirements;
  • Prepare your Company Registration Forms;
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes;
  • Notarial Work: Presentation of Documents;
  • Registering Deeds with the Ministry of Justice;
  • Presentation of Deed to the Local Commercial Court;
  • Appoint the Directors;
  • Minutes appointing first Directors;
  • Preparation of the first minutes of Board Meeting;
  • Initial Government licence fee payable for company formation in Austria on incorporation;
  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Issue of shares and production of Share Certificates;
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder;
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier.
3'599 €
Company business management

Post Address in Austria, Vienna and other big cities. Annual price, post forward once per month included.
Nominee Services in Austria
Nominee Services in Austria as a local Managing Director or Shareholder. Annual price.
2'599 €
Virtual Office in Austria
Virtual Office in Austria – call forwarding, fax-on-email and other features for your comfort. Annual price.
.at domain name
Setting up domain name in .at zone. Annual price.
Solicitor in Austria
All kinds of legal support from local solicitor in Austria:

  • Accountancy and company management;
  • Labor law and relocation to Austria;
The price valid for some common cases and legal disputes as well.

Price per each hour.
Austrian Bank Account opening
Bank account opening in main Austrian Bank:

  • Internet-Banking;
  • First-class Bank;
  • Debet/Credit Cards;
  • Loans;
  • Travel checks.
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